About Coworksurf

If you look at the world from outer space, there are no borders, there are no rules.

This modern world you woke up in today, we created ourselves. Coworksurf is an experiment to explore what's possible. To take the best parts of our human roots, and combine it with possibilities of the new world. To push life's boundaries, and to see what experiences and relationships we can create in our tiny bit of time alive. To stretch the reality of what's 'normal', and to follow curiosity.

It's about freedom. To create your own game. To show the world what's possible, and to show ourselves what's possible. To connect more deeply with each other, ourselves, and nature.

We see every trip booked as a step closer to a borderless world. A step closer to the democratisation of power and knowledge. A step closer to give back what was once taken. A vote to include all countries and people into the conversation.

We are hoping to create a happy, sustainable system & community that connects, enables, includes and gives back. That does the right thing right.

By reading this, we're stoked to welcome you to be part of the mission.

Life is now, and everyone's invited.

See you in the waterrrrr 🌊
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